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gayreads's Journal

Gay Reads - A community for Gay Romance readers
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Livejournal community for M/M Romance readers.
Welcome to Gay Reads!
Gay Reads is a community for all Gay Romance fans. If you enjoy reading M/M Romance published books, then this is the place for you. Here we discuss, recommend and review m/m romance books and writers.
What you CAN do or find here
♦ Share with us what M/M Romance books you’re reading;
♦ Recommend M/M Romance books you enjoyed;
♦ Write/Read reviews of M/M Romance books;
♦ Talk about M/M Romance books and M/M Romance writers;
♦ Flail all you want about M/M Romance books or gay characters...
You got the point, right?
What you CAN'T do here
♦ Don’t promote yourself or your friends;
♦ Don’t promote your writings and books, or those of your friends;
♦ Don’t post entries about fanfiction.
♦ Cover pictures are much appreciated - centered, 250px height;
♦ Lengthy posts must be placed under a lj-cut;
♦ Tag your posts correctly;
♦ Feel free to request tags;
♦ Homophobic and racist entries or comments will not be tolerated!
How to post

You want to talk about a book?
♦ Start with the book cover (centered, 250px height);
♦ 'Title' by author;
♦ Provide a Goodreads link to the book (optional);
♦ Write your opinion/review/thoughts/rants about the book and hide it with a lj cut;
♦ Tag your post using the entry, book, genre, character and theme tags.

Is your post about an author you want to recommend?

♦ Just make sure you provide a link to their official website or at least a Goodreads link to their page and tell us why that author is so awesome.

Is your post about a book character you love?
♦ Make sure you mention in the beginning of your entry the book you're talking about and the author, post a picture of the cover and tag your post correctly.

You just want to post a question to other readers?
♦ Feel free to ask anything related to gay romance books and tag your post correctly.

You don't know what to read next and you want suggestions?
♦ Post and entry using the request tag.

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