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Last book read - Something Like Summer

Something Like Summer by Jay Bell
Goodreads link

I absolutely loved this book! It's good, funny and well written. Of couse, there's plenty of angst as well. The story put me on a roller coaster of emotions that left me wanting more at the end.

'Something Like Summer' takes you on a journey on Ben's life, on a span of 12 years. The ride starts with his high school years when he meets his first love, continues with his college years and ends a few years later. The blurb on goodreads is not the whole story, it's just the beginning of it.

This book makes you love some characters, then hate them and then you forgive them and love them again. There are twists and turns, and Ben is not a perfect guy, though it may seem like it. He has flaws, he makes mistakes and in the end he's just a guy who wants to be happy.

The end is bitter-sweet. But the story is important, not the ending. As soon as I finished the book I wanted to read it again and compare the characters in their teens with the adults they became.

It's a book that makes you laugh and cry with the characters, and one that you won't regret reading.
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