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Favorite Book of January - Kei's Gift

I'm back with another post. This one is abut my January favorite book.
I managed to read 10 books this month (yey for that) but this one is by far the best.

Kei's Gift by Ann Somerville
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This one is the first book from the Darshian Tales series and, I should say, the best. Though there are 4 books in this series I only read the first 3. I don't care much about the characters in the 4th.

I've become interested in books about characters with special abilities and this one seemed a good start. There are lots of reasons why I love this book and why I recommend it.

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What is your January favorite?
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Fav book in January: Embrace - Megan Derr

Hello everyone!
After mostly watching these communities, I thought after seeing the "Monthly favourite" categorie that I have to make an entry.
Why? Becasue of the book I am reading (and highly enjoying). So here you go:
Embrace by Megan Derr

Short Summary:
When Aubrey returns home after many years away, he is welcomed back with the extravagant gift of a Pet he never wanted and secrets he never dreamed existed... Many years ago, the race of creatures once known as 'vampires' agreed to surrender their freedom, rather than face eventual annihilation. They exist now as Pets to the lords and ladies of high society, forced to serve forever the human whose blood they first drink. Detesting the practice, Aubrey has always avoided taking a Pet for himself. But upon his return home from school, he is gifted with a Pet by his father. His Pet, however, is like none he's ever known, and only the start of an old and complicated tangle of secrets.

My thoughts:

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So, have a good read!

Mod post: New tags

Hey guys!

I want to announce I've added a few tags to the community and I hope you'll make use of them.

All the new tags are for entry types like All Time Favorite - for your favorite books, Monthly Favorite - for your favorite book of the month, Favorite Reads of 2011 - for your favorite books read in 2011 and Author Best - for your favorite books by a certain author.

2012 it's still young so I invite you all to share with us your favorite books read in 2011 and also January is almost over, a good time to tell us what is your favorite book read this month.

~ Olivia
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Favorite Gay Reads in 2011

Hello! Sorry I went missing but I'm back now and determined to make this community more active.
Of course, the first entry of 2012 should be my Favorite Gay Romance Books Read In 2011. Here I go. The books are in random order.

Faborite M/M Romance Series

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Favorite M/M Romance Stand Alone Books

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I invite you all to write an entry about your favorite reads of 2011. Let's work to make this community active!
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